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I’ve been buzzing since last week’s webinar. More and more I’m seeing how profound this personal branding work can be.

It’s not just about helping your business grow (although that is an amazing benefit of this work), it’s about discovering the keys to your joy, fulfillment, and truest expression of you. It’s about finally finding the answers to your business challenges you have so long been seeking. It’s about finally unlocking the blocks to your success. It’s about finally being seen sometimes for the first time. It’s about finally acknowledging the way all your gifts, skills, and talents come together into your purpose.

One of my new clients who has been struggling to make her business work for years said to me after a session the other day:

“I feel like the veils are being lifted after being in the darkness for so long.”

I want you to have this too!

So I have created a way you can work with me 1-on-1 to get this kind of liberating clarity for yourself.

*And I want to make sure you know that I am offering an amazing discount and smokin’ hot bonuses on my program “Brand Your Brilliance”…but it ends FRIDAY 4/27!*

So if you know that this is your time to unlock your true potential (which I know you sense within you), then contact me now to set up a free 30-minute “Brand Breakthrough” discovery conversation to find out if my program is right for you.

If you are ready to break through the clutter and the confusion and power up your presence in your area of expertise, then let’s talk!

Email me to set up your free 30-minute conversation by Friday 4/27 at [email protected] with “Brand Breakthrough” in the subject line.

I promise you will walk away from our call with greater clarity and a renewed sense of purpose!

You can find out more details about the program below.

If you didn’t get to check out the webinar yet, it’s chock full of juicy content for you! You can take some of the tools I gave you and start applying them right away.

Go to this url to view the presentation:


The system I taught in the webinar can fast-track your efforts dramatically to get your mission out in a big way and, due to the format and time constraints, I could only share all of this at a *very* high level.

The greatest clarity opens and the true transformation happens when you dive into this with someone to guide you. This can stop the cycle of trying every system and every marketing approach to figure out how to break through and it can save you tons of time, energy, and money!

I have done a variety of group programs at varying levels of investment and I had my biggest breakthroughs and made my most significant shifts when I worked one-on-one with a mentor. It is a greater investment and it shortened my learning curve dramatically. I learned this the hard way after spinning for years trying to figure things out for myself doing self-study at home.

Plus, once you get clear on your personal brand, you can also clarify the group of people you work with (bye-bye niche frustration!), what you’re offering them (no more leaving parts of you out!), and how you will share it with them in a way that leaves them clamoring for more.

When you get this in your bones, you can then share share your work with so much more precision, focus, and creativity. You are unleashed and people sit up and take notice.


–>BRAND YOUR BRILLIANCE:  Step Out of Your Box, Step Into Your Stardom
Create A Standout Brand That Takes You From The Best-Kept Secret to The In-Demand Expert

In this 1-on-1, personalized program:

We will:

~Uncover your personal brand by bringing all of your gifts, talents, skills, and experience together in a new way
~Identify the problem you are solving and who you serve
~Craft your standout signature offerings
~Define your creative channel – where and how you will share with the people you serve
~Create knock-it-out-of-the-park marketing that leaves people clamoring for more
~Create your marketing plan with your special standout signature touch
~Unlock your inner superstar by shedding limiting beliefs and barriers to visibility
~Liberate your passion – help you get in the zone so you can light up like a star
~Help you show up and shine in everything you share with the world
~Design your lush lifestyle support plan so you can consistently show up as the feminine force you are

You will:

~Take massive action
~Get crystal clear so you know EXACTLY how to share about what you do
~Emerge a self-realized woman with the capacity to create and influence bigger than you ever imagined!
~Become a magnet for high-end clients, higher income, and opportunities to share your message in a big, bold way

There are two ways to engage with this:

This is great for those people who like to integrate the information over time – we work together 3x/month for 3 months. I work via Skype, phone, or in-person in the San Francisco Bay Area.

This is perfect for those people who like to take things in all at once and create an immediate turbo injection – we work together for 8 hours in one potent day! This can be done live in the San Francisco Bay Area or on Skype.


Now through Friday 4/27 sign up for a program and receive:


UNTIL 4/27
1-PAYMENT OF $1997

UNTIL 4/27
1-PAYMENT OF $1497

How awesome is that?!
(NOTE: All payments must be complete by the completion of the program)

To make it even sweeter, I want to throw in a couple of amazing bonuses that come from two of my top mentors and sheros! I have learned SO much from these women and I can’t wait to share them with you:

This is her hot-off-the-presses manifesto that is designed to help visionaries like you and me step into a far more powerful expression of ourselves and our work in the world.

Danielle is in short, absolutely brilliant. I have been deeply influenced by her writings and my work with her product which is no longer available called, “The Spark Kit”. I’ll throw in a copy of this for you too!

Check her out at

Christina is amazing and my work with her has been a huge influence on this work. She talks about finding your “ecstatic brand” in a way that is uniquely her own. I promise you this 3-day immersive event will be vibration-shifting and life-changing.

Check her out at – info on the Flip Your Switch event is forthcoming – it’s only been announced to her clients so far!

So jump on it, Goddess! This work has been life-changing for me and I know it will be for you too!

I look forward to working with you!

With Gratitude,

Alia Melissa Hall
Founder, Femvolution

P.S. Don’t forget this discount ends FRIDAY 4/27! Email me at [email protected] with “Brand Breakthrough” in the Subject line to set up your time to talk! If you contact me by Friday the bonuses and discount will still apply so don’t delay!


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