I’m Unleashing Myself. Join Me?

I’ve made a decision. I am done trying to figure out how to fit myself into a certain niche, category, or box, and in the process constipate my creative process. I am no longer going to worry about whether or not something I want to share with you is relevant or “businessy” enough or on-topic […]

A Luscious New Year Ritual To Call In Your Lush 2012

Beautiful Women, Wow, we are a mere 2 days away from 2012. The energy feels palpable, doesn’t it? Just about everyone I talk to is going through some major shift as we complete the year. For many this has been a bit painful so I want to remind you that the breaking down process is […]

Live Your Life on Your Terms: The Lush Life Immersion 1-Month Program Starts January 5th!

Hello Goddess!  We are in the holiday season – that time of year that can bring up a lot for people. Especially with family! All of our dynamics and patterns with family members come out in force inviting us to take a closer look at these relationships and how they shape who we are. This […]

Changing the Face of Women’s Culture – 10,000 Women Strong & Just Getting Started!

Call #1 of the New Lush Life Foundations Tele-Series is happening today! I am so excited to be with you! I have been devoting many hours of my love and attention to this material. It has been life-changing for me and it has the potential to be life-changing for you too. My intention for the […]

Ready to Be a Trailblazer?

The world needs you to step up and out, to shake off the shackles, and abandon your perceived limitations so you can show up as the powerful woman you are.

What Has Been the Cost of Waiting?

How long have you been waiting? What has been the cost in your life of waiting? Waiting until you have made enough money, until you have enough training under your belt, until your body feels better, until your emotional state feels stronger, until you’ve worked out your relationship issues, until you’ve figured out what you […]

The “Fearless” Falsehood

Who thought it would be a good idea to tell us that we need to obliterate something inside of us that is a universal human experience? Because though we might try very, very hard (I sure have) we can’t ever really get rid of it. And if we have bought into this idea that we […]

Introducing Femvolution

I am delighted to introduce you to Femvolution! My vision for Femvolution first hatched in conversations with women in my tribe here in the San Francisco Bay Area where we have a thriving women’s culture. I began to see that I wanted to share the teachings and opportunities for empowerment with women both locally and […]